Membership Advantages

Membership Advantages

How to Use Club Point Membership
The Club owns accommodations at the selected Vacation Club properties.  The club assigns nightly point values to each club unit based on unit type, season and resort property. 

Based on the Membership level, Club Members are issued their Club Points each year to "spend" for Club vacation accommodations. Members are able to spend their club points for use in any of the club accommodations, during any season of the year and for any size unit which best fits their vacation plans in a given year.

Membership gives you the advantage of reserving the resort, the unit type and the time of the year you wish to vacation. Best of all, the club realizes your vacation needs are different from year to year, membership allows you to tailor your vacation each and every year!

Club Reservation Procedure Options
You may fax or email your request to the Club Reservations office at Fax No. 775-588-7099 or email to

If you need assistance, you may contact a Club Membership counselor to make a reservation by calling 888-787-4200.